The Power of Leadership Champions

Women Leadership Champion Philanthropy

The President of a large Midwest state university recently called his Vice President of Advancement. “Tell me more about our focus on women’s philanthropy. It sure has our Board chair excited.” It turns out that the Board chair had cornered the President at a meeting and was sharing his enthusiasm about the potential of engaging […]

The Principles of Successful Women’s Philanthropy

The New York Times has called it: Women are changing the philanthropy game. They have always been givers, but now women’s influence as philanthropists is being given its rightful place in the national discourse. Thanks to extensive research from the Women’s Philanthropy Institute, and the growing volume of examples of impactful women’s philanthropy, fundraisers no […]

We Won’t Raise More Money Unless We Stop Acting Like All Donors Are White Men

Worrisome trends are emerging in U.S. philanthropy. Although overall charitable giving is growing, the share of Americans who give is declining, and the incidence of giving is down in most every age group. This giving gap opened because of complex reasons, but one thing is clear: We are seeing fewer Americans give because we are applying the […]

Women Drive Philanthropy: Are You Adapting?

For the first time, the Women’s Philanthropy Institute (WPI) has investigated gender differences in giving across generations in their seventh annual report*, Women Give 2016. The results are extraordinarily clear: “Women Give 2016 finds that men’s and women’s donor behavior has changed over the past four decades, and that women now have greater influence over […]