Women’s philanthropy trailblazer and celebrated author, Kathleen Loehr, announced her retirement with a unique two-pronged plan to pass on her 35-year legacy. 

Continuing her commitment to grow women’s philanthropy, Kathleen is entrusting her effective practices and teachings to the Women’s Philanthropy Institute (WPI) at the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University. WPI’s research includes hundreds of data points that illustrate how gender matters in philanthropy. However, the research is just a starting point; it’s what you DO with it that matters. Kathleen has collaborated with the Women’s Philanthropy Institute to develop Proven Practices, a free online resource designed to help organizations of all sizes enact an intentional focus on women’s philanthropy.

Together Kathleen and WPI created the Proven Practices website which is a valuable resource for the nonprofit sector to learn first steps to connect successfully with future generations of women philanthropists. Proven Practices is available for use by organization leaders who are ready to improve their fundraising efforts by developing a targeted approach to meaningfully engage women donors of all backgrounds and identities. Proven Practices includes a built-in assessment developed by Kathleen and WPI. The assessment can help organizational leaders pinpoint which Proven Practices tools might be most beneficial for them to begin with to expand their donor engagement.

“My partnership with WPI to create the Proven Practices website will help more organizations become aware of missed opportunities and start their focus on women.” said Kathleen Loehr. “The Women’s Philanthropy Alliance will expand the depth and breadth of inclusive philanthropy across our sector. Together these two approaches will accelerate the diversity of our donors and grow their voices, leadership and the significant support they bring when they are met in ways that resonate.”

In addition, Kathleen transferred her philosophy, principles and processes to a group of eight diverse women. With almost a year of training, these experts are now trained and ready to guide organizations ready to grow women’s support. This group, called the Women’s Philanthropy Alliance, will lead the scaling of women’s philanthropy across the nonprofit sector. Members of the Women’s Philanthropy Alliance will guide more organizations to create comprehensive strategies to achieve transformational leadership and significant support for their missions.

About Proven Practices

The Proven Practices website provides principles, videos, templates and success stories about women’s philanthropy. Try out the assessment here. 

About the Women’s Philanthropy Alliance 

The Women’s Philanthropy Alliance was formed in 2023 to accelerate the scaling of inclusive women’s philanthropy across our sector. With almost a year of training, the eight members are now certified experts in the principles and reframed approaches to better partner with donors who identify as women. If you are ready to be more inclusive of all the support women can provide you, learn more here: https://www.growingwomensphilanthropy.com/

About the Women’s Philanthropy Institute

The Women’s Philanthropy Institute (WPI) is part of the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at IUPUI. WPI increases understanding of women’s philanthropy through rigorous research and education, interpreting and sharing these insights broadly to improve philanthropy. 

By addressing significant and groundbreaking research questions and translating that research into increased understanding and improvements in practice, WPI helps to leverage new and expanded resources for the common good.

About Kathleen Loehr

Learn more about Kathleen at www.KathleenLoehr.com

She is the author of the book, Gender Matters: A Guide to Growing Women’s Philanthropy https://kathleenloehr.com/book/