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Women’s wealth is rising quickly, as is their influence in both family philanthropic decisions and their own individual giving. Is your team prepared for this next decade when women become powerful philanthropists in our society, giving in ways that are different than men?

This workshop will help your team discern actions they can begin, right now, to grow support and leadership from women philanthropists. Women’s philanthropy consists of individuals who identify as women, trans and non-binary, along with the wide range of intersectionality they bring. You will learn about the research on gender differences in charitable giving behavior, including the intersection of gender, race, and philanthropy. With several success stories from organizations which changed their approach to resonate more deeply with women and gained significant results, team members will be ready to translate the research into adapted fundraising behaviors to significantly grow the support from your donors who identify as women. Participants will have significant time to work in small groups to discuss, grapple and choose first actions to significantly bring in more resources. Each action will be measurable and can be evaluated as you continue to adapt better processes to meet women as they prefer. This three-hour workshop is beneficial for all members of an advancement team as everyone has a role in these adaptations.

Credit: John Gillooly | Aspen Leadership Group


Women’s Philanthropy Institute

Visit the Women’s Philanthropy Institute Complete Research Library to keep current on research related to gender and philanthropy.

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