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Build Leadership Commitment

A key principle of successful women’s philanthropy is to Pause so you can learn and grow support across your team. If you are one of the few champions in your organization for women’s philanthropy, you’ll benefit from building commitment from your internal leaders. Others like you have built internal support by compiling the compelling “Why”. You can do this by reviewing national research, talking to peers and gathering in-house data. You’ll help leaders find opportunities hidden in plain sight in your data and culture. You’ll help create a clear sense of why the timing is right for your institution to focus on women and how they give. Leaders will gain certainty that your organization can do this and can calculate that there will be significant results rapidly enough to make sense for the commitment.

Credit: John Gillooly | Aspen Leadership Group

Below are links and templates to help you learn about national research,
how to analyze your data, find peers to call and a sample of how to build an internal case for focusing on women


Women’s Philanthropy Institute

Visit the Women’s Philanthropy Institute Complete Research Library to keep current on research related to gender and philanthropy.


This section includes examples of data to collect as well as data that has been collected that you are willing to share with each other.

Sample Women’s Philanthropy Cases

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  • (list of peers to email)
  • (template of how to calculate what you are missing)