Frequently Asked Questions
Leadership Seminar

Organization leaders and their designee (the participant) who are fully committed to intentionally focusing on women and how they approach philanthropy. Full commitment means understanding that fundraising approaches from all roles across the entire development team need to adapt to new demographic shifts. Full commitment means understanding that this is a long game to begin building a strong pipeline of women for leadership and philanthropy.

This seminar may or may not fit your needs.  Let’s talk and find out.

We get it! Sometimes they aren’t there yet, and yet it’s so critical for success. Let’s talk and see about how to build the support, and whether it’s possible in time for this cohort or the next?
The pacing is designed for you and your team to build sustainable buy-in and early successes up, down and across your organization. We also know that no women’s philanthropy initiative is successful without both the internal and external integration. That being said, you WILL have many early wins, such as identifying and working with influential women stakeholders, unexpected early gifts and other offers of support, and a measurable growth of your pipeline. Nine months is needed to gain both the early wins and future sustainability.
You’re right to question being formulaic, and it’s exactly this that we want to avoidi in your programs. I make a distinction between principles, which describe the reality we’re in, and the strategies. There may be a dozen different valid, effective creative strategies for each principle. Experience with dozens of organizations tells me that this framework, built on these principles, gives you a foundation, so you can focus your creativity on the strategies, and not spend all of your time trying to figure out the map you’re on.
I do a lot of “coaching in the virtual room” when I’m facilitating the cohort of 12 participants; you will learn from all those conversations even when I’m speaking to others. The personal coaching is in addition to the group time; it is 1:1 and specifically focused on YOU. Some topics could be: what does your unique data say, or how do you work with an inclusive group of women stakeholders, or how do you make your work compelling to the women who want to create collective impact. The personal coaching time is to help you when you are grappling and need targeted support. You may ask for my time as needed, up to 90 minutes total during the nine-month period.
You will receive a roster to stay in touch throughout the seminar, and after. You will also be invited to join a quarterly meeting I convene of over 40 institutions who are leaders of women’s philanthropy initiatives, so your learning will continue with these peer discussions and connections.
We certainly understand, after 2020, that life can be unpredictable. If you can’t complete the seminar, we ask that you and your leader choose someone else to finish it for your institution and that you provide her/him/them all the materials and activities you’ve gained so the learning still benefits your mission.
What other questions or concerns do you have?
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